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How to deposit to Frypto account?

31 May 2023, 09:51 by Frypto Team

How to deposit to Frypto account?

In case you already have crypto assets in other wallets or exchanges 

Step 1: At the dashboard, click the "Deposit" button.


Step 2: Choose the crypto you want to deposit and get your Frypto wallet details

Choose the type of crypto

Then choose a network accordingly

The details of your Frypto wallet will then appear, including a QR code you can scan to deposit assets.


Step 3: Get assets to your other wallets or exchanges to start transferring crypto to Frypto

For example, if you are transferring from Binance

Get to your wallet on Binance, choose "Spot Trading" then click the withdraw button

For example: you choose to transfer BUSD. In this screen, enter the deposit address that Frypto has given you in step 2 and enter the corresponding network. Then enter the amount you want to transfer.

Or to be faster at this step, you can scan the QR code of the Frypto deposit address in step 2. It will automatically enter the address and network.

Finally, press the withdraw button (withdraw)

deposit 4.png

Step 4: In about 1 minute, check your Frypto wallet to see the assets and deposit details

Fiat Deposit (Coming soon)  

We are working with a partner to provide a seamless on & off-ramp deposit & withdrawal flow.

You will soon be able to experience this feature FYI.

We will announce the feature as soon as it is developed and ready to be launched.